Chełm 2011-11-22
The city is of mostly industrial character, though it also houses numerous notable historical monuments and tourist attractions.

Chełm is atother town worth visiting, for almost ten centuries a border town between Poland and Ruthenia, the Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church, coeexisting and competing with each other. It offers a fascinanting richness of history, and a mosaique of nationalities, religions and languages. Another attraction of Chełm is a labirynth of chalk corridors and caves, hollowed out several centuries ago.


Historical monuments

- The Castle hill and the hilliest Virgin Mary Basilica in Chełm
The mid-18 century, a three-nave church with a beautiful dome designed by Paolo Fontana, bishops' crypts Underground with a copy of the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Chełm.

- The Church of the Sending of St Apostles in Chełm
A prode of chełm, built in 1753-1763, designed by Paolo Fontana, a magnificent Baroque interior with Józef Mayer's illusionist polychromy.

- The Orthodox Church of St John the Theologian in Chełm
An Orthodox Church built in 1848 - 1852, with five domes and the 19th century iconostas.

- The Chełm Regon Museum in Chełm
A rich archeological, historical, ethnographic, old and modern art collection, including the exhibition of religios art of various denominations.

- Underground Chalk tunnels in Chełm
A labyrinth of corridors and chambers excavated several centuries ago in the chalk leads under the old town, looked after by the legendary ghost Bieluch.