Łęczna - Włodawa Lake District 2012-12-31 - 2013-12-31

West Polesie it is flat area ranging from Wieprz valley, near Leczna and Tysmienica valley, to Bug valley, near Włodawa and Wola Uhruska. It is old river valley in which, after the last glaciation, water of big post-glacial lake flew. Much bigger part of Polesie is located in Ukraine and Belarus territory. The biggest cities of this area are Łęczna and Włodawa.
Because of central location of Łęczna-Włodawa Lake Disctrict, it is a great place to start visiting tourists’ values of Lublin Region. From here, it is very near to many attractions of province: Lublin(about 25km), Kozłowka(35km), Chełm(55km), and if you have a car you can with no difficulty reach to Puławy tourist’ triangle: Puławy-Nałęczów-Kazimierz(about 75km), and even to Zamość (about 100km). You may also start a hike by Culture Trail which main places are: Włodawa-Jabłeczna-Kodeń- Kostomłoty.