Culinary recipe 2011-11-30





Peasant Krupnik

One serving approx. 400g.; Serves 10
• 0.5 kg veal or beef ribs,
• 3 carrots, 1 parsley root, (a parsnip
may be used if parsley root is unobtainable)
• 5 medium-sized potatoes,
• 184.5g hulled barley,
• 120.5ml half-fat soured cream,
• 3 l water,
• salt to taste, pimentos, parsley, dill

Boil the water and add the washed and chopped carrots, parsley root and ribs cut into portions. Boil for around 20 mins. Adding the bay leaf and pimentos towards the end. Rinse the barley under running water and add to the liquid together with the potatoes which have been washed and cut into cubes. Reduce the heat and boil until the barley is soft. Remove from heat. Add 2-3tbs of the soup slowly to the cream, mixing thoroughly, then add this to the soup. Bring to the boil. Add chopped parsley.

Barszczyk from beet greens

• 3 chopped lettuces,
• chicken soup,
• chicken stock with meat,
• 1 onion,
• 125ml. Sour cream,
• 1 tbs of flour,
• salt, pepper, dill

Fry the chopped onion in the pork fat until golden. Chop the beet greens and add the salt, sugar, crushed garlic and onion. Boil all vegetables, bay leaf and pimentos for 5 minutes. Add lemon juice to taste. Add sour cream and chopped dill. Serve with a hard-boiled egg.

Cold borsch from yoghurt

Serves about 5
• I bunch of young beet greens,
• 1 bunch of radishes,
• 1 cucumber,
• 1 bunch of spring onions,
• 1 bunch of dill,
• 1.5l of yoghurt,
• 5 eggs,
• salt, lemon juice

Wash the beet greens and chop finely. Cover with 750ml boiling water and boil for 5 mins.. Add lemon juice and allow to cool. Finely chop the radish,
cucumber, spring onions and dill. Beat the yoghurt lightly. Add the beet greens and vegetables. Season to taste. Cut the (hard-boiled) eggs into eight
segments – one egg for each portion. Serve with wholemeal bread.

Lettuce soup with egg and meat

• 1.5l vegetable stock,
• 30 dag beet greens,
• 3 dag pork fat,
• 1 onion,
• 2 cloves of garlic,
• lemon juice,
• pimentos, bay leaf, pepper, salt,
• sugar, dill, 125ml sour cream

Method: Boil the chicken. Strain. Dice the chicken meat and return to the stock. Add the lettuce and finely chopped onion. Add sour cream mixed with
flour. Serve with hard-boiled egg and chopped dill.