Culinary recipe 2011-11-30
Fish dish






Fish with leeks and cheese

• 2kg fish (pikeperch is best),
• 2 medium leeks,
• 20 dag hard cheese (medium
cheddar can be used),
• fresh herbs of choice and seasoning,
• flour,
• cooking oil

Season and cover the fish with flour. Fry until it is a golden brown. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into an oven-proof dish and place a thin layer
of chopped leeks on top. Place a layer of fish on the leeks and continue layering the ingredients. Bake in the oven for 20-30 mins. at a temperature of
between 200-220C. Remove from oven and cover with thickly grated cheese. (According to recipe of Tomasz Wasik)

Herrings in oil

• 1kg herrings,
• 3 onions,
• vinegar,
• cooking oil

Soak the herring fillets for 12 hours. Cut into pieces. Chop the onions and cover fish and onions with vinegar for about 1 min. Place fish and onions on
a serving dish. Add a small amount of chopped onion. Pour oil over the ingredients. (According to a recipe of Grażyna Biała)