Traditional food of Polesie 2011-11-30

Cuisine of the Łęczna District  is a part of the Lublin regional cuisine. It formed part of the so-called peasant cooking, otherwise named „poor people’s cookery”, cautiously valuing every kilogram of purchased meat or other ingredients (such as butter and eggs). Dishes contained mainly flour seasoned with „lardons” of meat or pork fat. In the summer, large amounts of raw fruit and vegetables were consumed, while in the winter, mostly sauerkraut was eaten. Apart from the previously mentioned pierogi, Łeczna's cuisine was characterised by its variety of soups. Soup was, in essence, an all-day meal. It was eaten in the morning, afternoon and evening. A traditional soup was based on ingredients of low nutritional value. Meals on peasants’ tables were based on flour and potatoes. Their names - „lemieszka” or „prazucha” remain somewhat surprising to this day. A popular estate cookery dish was the so-called „golabki”, or buckwheat, rice or meat rolled in cabbage leaves as well as „pancakes”, called „dziady” made from sugar beets. They were made on All Saints Day and given to beggars outside the churches.