Łęczna-Włodawa Lake District 2011-05-23
In heart Polesie, in center of Lubelszczyzny


Łęczna-Włodawa Lake Disctrict, also called Łeczna-Włodawa Plain is a part of Polesie region in Lublin County.

It is a flat area placed between Wieprz valley, near Łęczna and Tyśmienica valley, and Bug valley, near Włodawa and Wola Uhruska. The most important geological formation, that dominated region is Wieprzch Valley, that was created by melting glaciers, that dissapeared after last Ice Age. Łęczna-Wlodawa Lake District and Wołyń Polesie near Chełm are together called West Polesie, which is a polish part of Great Polesie, that also includes Eastern Part located on the other side of the border: in Ukraine and Belarus. Main cities locater in this territory are Łęczna and Włodawa.

Central location of this region makes it a great starting point to tour around Lublin County. Łęczna is quite well connected to Lublin (25 km), which make it easier to reach other attactive places: Kozłówka (Old Zamoyski's Palace, 35 km), Chełm (55km). Besides if you have a car, you can also get to the Puławy-Kazimierz Dolny-Nałęczów Triangle (75 km) or Zamośc (Perfect Rennaissance City, 100 km). If you are a hiking type of a tourist you can easily find Nadbużański Culture Trail, which leads between Włodawa, Jabłeczna, Kodeń (Holy Mary Sanctuary) and Kostomłoty.