Gród Słowiański 2011-12-08
The Archaeological Centre of Choina Horodyszcze.

In the nearby village of Wólka Bielecka, on the other side of the canal, tourists can visit a Slavic medieval village – the Archaeological Centre of Choina Horodyszcze.  There is a lot to see: moats with the so called Polish fence, the embankments, the tower and tunnel gate, the palisade, the well were reconstructed in the fortified settlement. In the museum, located in one of the old-styled housings tourists may get sight of a model of Klarow's tenth century's settlement, that was originally located 10 kiloemeters from Choina-Horodyszcze's Centre. With a bit of luck (or previous contact) visitors are able to try some of medieval crafts by taking part in shows and classes. Besides that few times a year (mostly during old Slavic holidays) there are big events with tens of warriors, craftsmen, tradesmen, dancers, musicians and more.



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