Hola 2011-11-27
Hola, which is not a big village, is known for its wooden Orthodox Church

Historical monuments

Orthodox church dedicted to the Saint Anthony Peczerski and Saint Paraskiewa, which was founded by the Unitarians in 1702. When it was taken over by the Orthodox, shortly before the Union in Brzesść, the Orthodox church was renovated and repaired few times. A wooden bell tower which in next to the Orthodox church, of a log construction, is characteristic of its harmonious architectural proportions.

Outodoor Museum of Materialistic Culture of Chełm and Podlasie in Hola in which you can see a fullyequipped cottage, shadoos, post mill, barn, shrine, road crosses and a weaved fence with hollyhocks. During a parish kermes on the day of Saint Antoni there is an annual folk Fair in hola which is a kind of promotion of cultural heritage of the region and a big attraction for tourists.