Różanka 2011-11-23
Is a village in the administrative district of Włodawa Community.

Różanka, one of the villages that once were magnificent properties, now a little forsaken. Thanks to special climate condidtions, that are beneficial in lung problems, Rożanka became a Centre of Tuberculosis and Lung Health Problems, thanks to its Sanatorium. The complex, in which today's patients are cured, the other day was a splendid estate of Ludwik Pociej, former owner of these lands. From its erection in 1715, throughout being bride price and getting onto Zamoyski's possessions, residence finally burned in 1915 as a result of russian bombing. 12 hectare park was also devastated, but since there are some rare plant species and the view remain remarkable, it's still worth seeing. Today you can see not so many profs of estate's former brilliance: guardhouse, tower, stables, coach house, granary and a living area from 19th century.