Sobibór 2011-11-27
Place with the most tragic history.

The most tragic place from the time of WWII was a Nazi Extermination Camp in Sobibor, where around 250 thousand Jews and many Poles died. After 18 months, the camp seized to exist. A succesfull escape of the part of the prisoners in October 1943 was the direct reason of its liquidation. Nazis planted a forest over victim's remains.

Within the area of the Museum of the Former Nazi Extermination Camp Muzeum in Sobibór there are:
- a mound of ashes of murdered people,
- a monument of a woman prisoner with a child,
- an obelisk symbolizing gas chambers,
- a wall with the boards commemorating the victims in Polish, Dutch, English, Yiddish and Hebrew,
- the premises of the museum (a permanent exhibition concerning the camp).