Wytyczno 2011-11-27
Town that witnessed courage.

There are symbols of solidiers' tragedy of September 1939, who were caught between Soviet and German front - two cemeteries. War cemetery in Włodawa and cemetery and a monument of the Border Protection crops soldiers who died during the battle with the Red Army in Wytyczno in 1939.


Village is also know thaks to Wytyckie Lake, one ot the biggest in region. Formely natural, expanded in late 1970' into storage reservoir. According to the legend under the level of water remain ruins of ancient town, that collapsed because of rash washerwoman's course, who hurt her leg and swore it.

Everybody, who's looking for active leisure won't be dissapointed by kayak route, that leads through canes, bulrush and open water and allows to rest and appreciate clean, untouched by humans nature.