Zawieprzyce 2011-11-23
Park and palace complex in Zawieprzyce.

As early as in the 14th century there was a village in this place, whose owners were, among others, from the Firlej family, the builders of the local castle. On its ruins Atanazy Miączyński built a Baroque palace and created a grand mansion. It was rebuilt by the Morski family. Some interesting monuments, forming a palaceparkm complex, have remained till our times: the palace ruins, the outhouse, the granary, part of the fence with the entrance gate, the orangery ruins, on a ground mound a column fi gure with a cross, a well-preserved chapel on the plan of the octagon, with a fresco of the Last Judgement on the vault dome, designed in the Baroque style by Tylman from Gameren, and the park, with a grand linden alley and a lot of tree and bush specimens. All objects mentioned above are located on a steep slope of the Wieprz, from which provides visitors on of the most beutiful views in whole county.

According to the legend, ruins of the castle are haunted by the ghost of Miączyński's greek captive, who was brought there after his victory upon Vienna.