Nadwieprzański Landscape Park 2011-05-23

Wieprz is one of the longest and widest rivers on Lublin County. Almost in the middle of its lenght in 1990 local autorithies forced creaton of Nadwieprzański Landscape Park (Nadwieprzański Park Krajobrazowy), with is a little bit less restrictive form of preserving nature. It is located on territory of 4 communities: Łeczna, Milejów, Puchaczów and Spiczyn. On its 6621 ha of protection area there are lots of rare species of animals and plants. Extraordinarily spectacular part of the river's valley lays between Łańcuchów and Zawieprzyce and is widely know as one of the most beautiful landscapes, that can be seen in Lublin county. Wieprz river is perfect for anglers and kayak fans, but its environs invites to walking tours through old mansions, palaces, parks and alleys.

On the territory of this park there are lots of agriturismo inns, guesthouses, that often provide addicional attractions.