Sobibór Landscape Park 2011-11-21
It is known for its diversity of communities and landscapes.

Sobibór Landscape Park, covers the area of 11,2 thousand ha and is one of the most interesting parks of this type in Lublin region. It is known fot its diversity of communities and landscapes. there ias a huge complex of sobibor Forests within its area which covers  75% of the area but also big forest clearning used for settlements and aricultural crops. In such places there are villages situated, such as:
Sobibór, Żłobek Mały, Stulno and Kosyń. Apart form forests and water and bog areas there are sandy areas with dunes.

Sobibór forest lakes are of no tourist or recreational importance and cannot be used for swimming, sunbathing or boatswimming but they have important natural values. They are a place of living of rare fauna and flora. they consist of the following nature reserves:
-boggy: Jezioro Orchowe
-fauna: Żółwiowe Błota
-apart from the above mentioned, in the Sobibór Landscape Park there is fauna reserve Małoziemce - a living area of grey herons is the forest
near the village which shares the same name.
Other protected species of aquaria birds in the Sobibór Landscapes Park include: black storks, white tailed eagles, lesser spotted eagles, cranes, Tengmalm's owls and black terns. There is also an intresting group of diffrent species of bats fauna.Relatively well preserved Park's natural environment and diversity of its settlements allow a great number of species of mammals, such as, moose wild pigs, European badgers, deer, beavers and rarely wolves live in this area.

Access to the Sobibór Landscapes Park is possible due to local roads. However, if you want to find the way to its backwoods you have to use one of many nature paths or the following tourist routes:
-Sobibór Forests - black; 11.6 km; from sobibor railway station,
-three Lakes - bluel 21.7 km, from Sobibor railway station to Wola Uhruska
-Northern Lakeland (part) - blue; from Wlodawa by the Glinki and Biale lakes to Luta  village (the route finishes in Urszulin),
-Nadbużanski (part) - red; from Wola Uhruska to Wlodawa (the route finishes on the are of the Masovia region),
-through the Sobibór Landscape Park - cycle route, red;33 km; from Wola Uhruska to Okuninki and Włodawa,
-Lublin - Wola Uhruska - cycle route, red; total length: 105 km including 20 km through the Sobibór Landscape Park.


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