Cycle Trails 2011-08-01

Lublin - Wola Urhuska, 110km

Lublin – Jakubowice Murowane – Pliszczyn – Bystrzyca – Zawieprzyce – Łęczna – Puchaczów – Kaniwola – Załucze – Urszulin – Wereszczyn – Karczunek – Kulczyn Kolonia – Hańsk – Macoszyn – Wola Uhruska

The track allows exploration of the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District – a beautiful area of lakes, marshes and peat bogs, with a rich variety of flora and fauna. The track is not particularly challenging, as it mainly goes through plains. Track surfaces are diverse, but to a large extent these are more or less all asphalt roads.

The initial section of the track goes through the Highlands of Lublin running alongside the Ciemięga, Bystrzyca and Wieprz rivers. The track crosses through areas of the National Park of Polesie, Nature Reserve of Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District and Nature reserve of Polesie, which together make up The International Sanctuary of the Biosphere of “Western Polesie”. The track runs near to the Nadrybie, Piaseczno, Bikcze and Wereszczyński’s lakes. Its final stretch proceeds along the borderland between Łeczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District and Hills of Chełm, through the wild forest areas of Włodawa and Sobibór, and the valley of the Bug River. In Uhruska Wola the route leads onto the cycling track running from Wola Uhruska – to Włodawa. On the way there are two viewing towers: one on the Bubnów Marsh (Nature reserve of Polesie – the south-east part) and the other in Uhruska Wola.

En route, apart from coming across many natural beauty spots or places of particular scenic merit , there are many places of cultural heritage to discover. Among the most interesting are the castle and park complex in Jakubowice Murowane and Zawieprzyce, historic churches in Bystrzyca and Wereszczyn as well as an old Orthodox church (at present the parish church) in Hańsk. In Zaucze Stare the track runs close to the Museum and Educational Centre of the National Park of Polesie.


Brown Trail - Puchaczów - Dratów - Dabrowa - Uciekajka - Rogóźno - Jezioro Krzczeń - Radzic Stary - Wólka Nowa - Zawieprzyce - 42 km, level - difficult. This trail is a perfect history lesson about multicultural heritage of the region. It leads through  diffrent villages: modern and old, still looking like it was XIX, not XXI century.

Red Trail - Łęczna - Nowogród - Kijany - Stawek - Ludwików - Kolonia Łuszczów - Piotrówek - Ciechanki Krzesimowskie - Łęczna - 32 km, level - medium. Trail leads through central-western part of the county. The most attractive part are: vast woods, picturesque glades and endless fields. It also lets you to get to know something baout Łęczna's history.

Yellow Trail - Łęczna - Ciechanki Krzesimowskie/Łeczyńskie - Łańcuchów - Wólka Łańcuchowska - Ciechanki - Łęczna - 18 km, level - medium. This trail leads through the most arboreous part of the county and, what is more curious, by the locations of first settlements that appeared on this area.

Green Trail - Cyców - Bekiesza - Małków - Przymiarki - Świerszczów - Kolonia Świerszczów - Ostrówek Podyski - Garbatówka - Rozpłucie Pierwsze - Piaseczno - 31 km, level - medium. Route begins in Cyców - town formely know for its cloth markets, now absorbed by agriculture and agritourism.

Blue Trail - Cyców - Nadrybie Dwór - Wólka Nadrybska(loop) - Nadrybie Wieś - Kaniwola - Rozpłucie Pierwsze - Piaseczno - 20 km, level - medium. Trail that shows you what is most beautiful in eastern part of the county: woods, lakes and landscapes.

Gray Trail - Klarów - Milejów - Jaszczów - Łysołaje - Siostrzytów - Białka - Wólka Bielecka - Kolonia Ostrówek - Ciechanki - Łęczna - 37 km, level - medium. Route that gives you opportunity to appreciate magnificent woods, countrysides and picturesque Wieprz valley.