Nature paths of Poleski National Park 2011-08-02

Within the park boundariesthere are 5 nature paths available, they are well prepared in terms of infrastructure (shelters, car parks, campfire places) and education (educational stops with informative boards). To enable tourists to move safely and comfortably on the peat grounds there are wooden overpasses. Entrance on ‘Dąb Dominik' (Domnik-the oak), 'Perehod' and ‘Spławy' is payable.

Dąb Dominik
Length - 2,5 km (a longer version 3,5 km). Starting point is in Łomnica village. Part of the overpass is adapted for disabled tourists.
The path leads through different types of forests (broadleaved forest, marsh forest) to the Moszne dystrophic lake in its final phase of being covered with plants. A specific part of the path is medium peat bog where you can find rare and interesting species of boreal plants for example a Lapland willow Salix lapponum and a Swamp willow Salix myrtilloides, a low birch Betula humilis, a round-leaved sundew Drosera rotundifolia as well as Andromeda polifoliaLedum palustre. or Labrador tea.

Length - 5 km.  Starting point is in Pieszowola village, behind the post- manor park. The path leads through a set of ponds. It is ornithological in character. You can observe birds during their  passage from two observation towers and bunker.

Length - about 3,5 km. Starting point is behind Educational-Museum Centre of Poleski National Park in Załucze Stare.
It includes valuable forest complexes: bog birch wood, medium peat bog and various types of meadows. Its peculiar attraction are meat-eating plants and flowering orchids. The path finishes in an overpass on Łukie lake where you can get familiar with plant spheres of the eutrophic lake.

Żółwik (Little turtle)
Length - about 0,5 km. Located on the grounds of Educational-Museum Centre in Zalucze Stare. It is dedicated to the youngest visitors of the park. It presents, among others, structure of the forest, life of the European pond turtle and a little Animal Rehabilitation Centre founded by the park.

A bike lane of 21 km length. It starts in Łowiszów village, by the lane there is high peat bog ‘Durne Bagno' with an observation tower.
The lane makes a loop through a set of ponds in Pieszowola, and then it runs along the river Mietiułka to the starting point.